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People in space right now - R shiny app

Arun Gopinath / 2020-11-14

The idea

The inception of fancy R shiny apps in my mind came from the mysterious web algorithm of google I guess. I have to start something. Now, where to start? Suddenly this idea of an R Shiny app which shows the details of International Space Station popup. Ok, that sounds good. But where to start?

The implementation

The benefit of the shiny app is the sharing options it provides. Thankfully, the data obtained from So I have the near-live data of both the present-day crew members and location data of ISS. All the data here is in JSON format.

R shiny

Libraries required are httr, jsonlite and of course, shiny. Next step was the key. I loaded both the crew data and the location data in ‘data’ and ‘now’ respectively. The crew data is displayed in tabular form and live location data of the ISS is displayed in the summary tab.

The UI part includes:

The final output is uploaded in You can view the shiny app below or here.